'heliski' The ultimate off piste adventure

Minimum Level class 4 required 

Exceptional Helicopter and off piste ski outing with an esf guide

CALLING ALL THRILL SEEKERS - Escape with an exceptional helicopter and off-piste outing chosen and created 'à la carte' by you.
A guide instructor accompanies you during this trip for maximum safety. We develop together the program for the day according to your desires and the weather conditions of the moment. Can you get any better than an exciting combination of a helicopter ride to the peaks and an off piste decent.

More information is available at the ESF office or contact us here.

Safety equipment and information provided as part of the introduction to the program.
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The instructor will contact you directly to help you organise your outing.

Val d'Aoste / LaThuile
Master the summits!

Information every evening from 5pm at the ESF office in La Croisette.