Nordic - Cross country skiing

technique classic or skating

Available in Initiation or private lessons

Nordic Skiing or Cross Country Skiing is a fun and friendly way to escape and discover nature. Far from the crowds, it gives a feeling of freedom to all its participants.
Nature lovers can discover easy trails in the "Plan de l'eau", or the more technical trails that allow you to explore the hamlets of the Valley. In a friendly atmosphere you will share with an ESF instructors private lessons of initiation, technical improvement or walks and outings on the estate.

ATTENTION ! If there is more than one participant in the private lesson, the students must have a similar ability.

The lessons are available in multiple languages :
English, Dutch, Russian, German, Spanish, Danish, Polish and Italian.
Question & Answer
Should we bring the equipment?
Yes, please ensure you are fully equipped with the correct skis whether classic or skating technique.
Can I rent my Nordic ski equipment?
Yes you will be able to rent equipment for cross-country skiing in most sports shops.
What should I wear?
It's easy to get warm in cross-country skiing: wear breathable clothing, and not too thick. You can also bring a water bottle.
Advice from an instructor...
'Cross-Country Skiing allows participants to fully enjoy nature. Students love to discover and improve in this discipline far away from the crowds of the ski lifts.'
ESF Les Menuires Instructor