Ready to venture off piste in saint martin?

Safely accompanied with an esf instructor / guide

discover off piste safely

Away from the slopes discover the pleasure of skiing powder snow safely.
See for yourself the hype of off piste skiing and learn the best techniques to maximise your experience and to adapt your skills to whatever the terrain holds. Leave your virgin trails and experience the freedom safely accompanied by our expert mountain guides (holders of the two state patents) and maximise your Saint Martin off piste adventure.. 

More information available at the ESF office or contact us here

Safety equipment and information provided as part of the introduction to the program.
Question & Answer
What happens if the weather is too bad?
Your instructor, depending on his availability, may offer another place or postpone for a better time.
Do I need to have special insurance?
We recommend the Carré Neige Insurance.
What equipment should I bring?
You must bring your ski equipment after having checked that it is suitable as well as warm clothes.
The ESF will provide the safety equipment.
If you have your own safety equipment, the instructor will check that it works.
Instructor says...
'Off-piste students already possess a good level of ability and they quickly adapt and have fun in the powder snow!
We teach them everything there is to know about this discipline before taking them to the best spots.'
ESF INstructor and Guide St Martin