Pauline HUDRY
My disciplines are :
Young instructor, Pauline has been teaching how to ski for 2 years. Pauline grew up in Menuires, which is why she is particularly fond of the resort. If she turned toward instructorship, it is mostly to share her passion and share the techniques within a magical setting.

Pauline started skiing at the age of 3, which is not surprising when we know that her father is also an instructor and a former competitor. In her family, skiing is like second nature.

In order for the learning process to remain a pleasant moment, Pauline bases her pedagogical approach on pleasure, self-confidence and the trust for the instructor. According to her, the ESF conveys values such as pleasure, skills and trust.

Competitive at heart, Pauline participated in alpine ski competitions for 13 years, first in the sports club of Menuires and then with the FIS. It is essential for her to be in contact with nature, that is why she enjoys trails and hikes.

Her best teaching memories are the children’s hugs on departure day, the giggles and students’ pride when they successfully mastered this winter sport. Her favorite slope is the Grand Lac for the viewpoint it offers over the valley.