My disciplines are :
Snowboard and

Originally from Saint-Pierre d’Albigny in the Jura, Pascale has been working as an instructor at the ESF of Menuires since 31 seasons, led by her desire to please and show people a new physical activity within a unique universe.


To teach you in the best conditions possible, Pascale bases her pedagogical approach on patience and attentiveness to her students’ needs. For her, the ESF mainly represents safety and pleasure.

From a family passionate about skiing, Pascale skied for the first time at the age of 18 months. It is also thanks to her parents that she discovered the resort of Menuires. To her eyes, skiing is a way to free her mind and to enjoy an atypical universe in the middle of the mountains.

Outside of winter seasons, Pascale works as a gym instructor in a balneal center.

Her best teaching memory is when she drank champagne at the top of the saumure with a group of students. Her favorite slope is the Plan du Bouquet.