My disciplines are :

Ski instructor for 24 years and originally from Nice, Karine shares her passion for skiing to any child or adult who might need her help. If she has decided to become a ski instructor, it is to teach her love for this universe during the ski seasons. Her pedagogical approach is based on the assessment of people’s needs so they can take pleasure in learning, Karine is also very patient and never gives up.


Karine started skiing at the age of 3 with her grandfather who would take her to the top of the slopes since she was too young to use ski lifts. For Karine, the ESF is a guarantee of quality lessons with qualified instructors who know how to perfectly transmit all the skiing techniques. Passionate, Karine has also participated in the International Ski Federation competitions.

Outside of ski seasons, Karine is a dietary supplement seller and a PE teacher. This athletic woman also does judo, crossfit and running.

Her best teaching memory are the off-piste outings with a picnic in nature. Her favorite slope is the Frédéric Covili.