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Instructor for 20 years and ski lover, Jean knows how to adapt to any type of student.


For Jean, originally from Lyon, the resort of Menuires is a long-term story, indeed he has been coming here since 1988. He discovered the pleasure of skiing at the age of two and a half, thanks to his parents who loved it.

If he has decided to become an instructor in Menuires during the ski seasons, it’s thanks to his family, his studies but mostly the beauty of the mountain and the freeing sensation when skiing. Moreover, even after his long teach years, Jean believes that his pedagogical approach is constantly adapting! With him, you will be safe since when he is not on the slopes, Jean is a lifeguard and a volunteer firefighter.

Teaching the art of skiing within the ESF is not a chance given to just anyone and, for Jean, this school represents professionalism, technical skills and it has a strong image internationally as well as in France. Thanks to skiing, Jean has had the opportunity to ski in Finland and in Canada.

Jean admits having far too many teaching memories to only mention one, maybe he will tell you a few anecdotes in-between two slopes.

Lastly, his favorite slope is the Masse.