My disciplines are :
Ski and

Originally from Saint Jean d’Arves, Florian has been teaching ski for 3 years. Pushed by his passion for skiing and the increasing desire to show people the unique environment that is the mountain.


Florian started skiing at the age of 2 with his grandfather who himself was a ski instructor as well as the manager of the ESF Saint Jean d’Arves. To joyfully share his love for skiing, Florian based his pedagogical approach on his students’ desires. For him, it is essential to adapt to the what each person needs.

If he has chosen to teach in the resort of Menuires, it is thanks to the continuous evolving possibilities, whether in terms of competition, off-piste ski, or on the relational level. According to him, the ESF has an image that conveys professionalism, trust, family spirit, customs and, most of all, pleasure.

If he shares his passion during winter, when he is not on the slopes, Florian works in a construction company. Great sportsman, Florian likes to push himself past his limits and also likes mountain discovery activities.

His best teaching memory is when he had the opportunity to follow and coach a group of children during a whole season and see them reach their objectives and pass their exams. His favorite slopes are the Masse and the Dame Blanche.