Florian benjamin HUDRY
My disciplines are :
Hiking Ski and

Instructor at the ESF Menuires since 2010 and originally from the valley, Florian-Benjamin happily shares his passion for skiing with his students. He chose this job mainly for his ski passion and for his desire to share his knowledge of the valley, a place he holds dear.


Florian-Benjamin started skiing when he was two and a half years old, he then joined the sports club of Menuires up until 17 where he was rewarded during international competitions. If he loves skiing so much, it is thanks to the discovery of new sensations, moments with friends at the heart of a unique environment as well as sharing moments.

Florian-Benjamin based his teaching method on improvement through games, for him, it is essential that students have fun. According to him, the ESF is a school which benefits from an image that is familial, professional and competitive.

When he is not helping you ski down the slopes, Florian-Benjamin works as an artisan in interior renovation. He also enjoys hiking, climbing and bicycling.

His best teaching memory is the end of season competition with his students back in 2016. His favorite sector is the Masse and his favorite slope is the Dame Blanche.