My disciplines are :
Since the winter of 2010, Fabien has been sharing his knowledge in a joyous atmosphere!

Originally from Valmorel and born in a family of instructors, Fabien put on his first skis at the age of 5. In his hometown, winter sports are unavoidable and everyone must know how to ski. He then joined the ski club and thus participated in several competitions. Nowadays, he still competes but only on Saturdays with esf instructors of the region. It was important for him to become a ski instructor to teach his passion, this occupation is a daily pride for him. For his students to learn at best, Fabien has a playful and cool pedagogical approach, it is essential to learn at the right pace while having fun. What he enjoys most is to see his students’ improvement over a week. Lastly, for Fabien, esf represents authenticity, seriousness and knowledge.

Fond of mountain biking, when Fabien is not on the slopes, he is a mountain bike instructor and also works as a mason. During his free time, he enjoys playing rugby and travelling.

His favorite slope is the Jérusalem.