My disciplines are :
Snowboard and

Originally from Juras, Denis has worked as an instructor for 18 years. Just like many of his colleagues, it’s his passion for mountain and the desire to share his skills that pushed him to train and become an instructor. He chose the resort of Menuires because when he was a child, it was there that he spent his vacations with his parents. He started skiing at the age of two and a half years old.


To offer the best possible teaching to his students, Denis has opted for the most personal pedagogical approach possible, as close as possible to the student's expectations. For him, the ESF represents several fundamental values such as safety, pedagogy and passion.

If he loves skiing, it is mainly because of the technicality of this sport. He still participates in many competitions and also enjoys cross-country skiing. As for competitions, he has been several times champion in Jura and 3 times finalist of the instructors' challenge. In addition, he was able to ski in New Zealand where he was also an instructor.  

His best teaching memory is the success of one of his students during an exam. He also mentions the discovery of the first off-piste outings andan 80-year-old person who had never skied before.

His favorite slope is the Covili in the Masse area.