My disciplines are :
Ski and
Cross-country skiing

Encouraged by his passion for skiing in all its forms and the desire to share, Dany has been teaching ski within the ESF of Menuires since 2015. Happy to share his love for skiing with people who are just discovering this unique universe, Dany relies his teaching method on pleasure and trust.


Dany is a great sportsman. Indeed, he first put on skis at the age of 2 and hasn’t taken them off since. At 8 years old, Dany integrated the Menuires ski club where he had his first taste of competition and, years later, integrated the biathlon french team. For him, skiing is a way to discover new landscapes and sensations.

Native of the valley, Dany knows the resort well since his family has been living there for many generations. He has also represented the resort of Menuires for 12 years with the ski club. It was thus obvious that because of his love for skiing and his family history with the resort he would train to work as an instructor in the ESF of Menuires. In its entirety, the EF represents pleasure, sharing and conviviality.  

To satisfy his competitive spirit, Dany has participated in many biathlon competitions and won three medals during junior world championship. Moreover, when he is not in Menuires, Dany is a coach and a student in a management school.

His favorite slope is the Fred Covili. He has also skied down the slopes of Austria, Italy, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

His best teaching moment is the one of a student who was terrified of speed and skiing. After a few lessons with Dany, she was able to ski on her own and peacefully. It was a very gratifying and rewarding experience for him.