My disciplines are :
Coralie has been a ski instructor at the ESF of Menuires for 6 years. Her ability to adapt to your objectives will allow you to learn how to ski effectively. 

Skier since the age of 2 and snowboarder since the age of 6, sliding sports are so natural to her that it is like walking! Skiing is a great love story for Coralie. Indeed, her mother is from the resort which allowed her to ski very early on and Coralie then joined the cross-country skiing and biathlon sports club until she was 18 years old. In addition to her passion, she wanted to become an instructor to share the sensations and pleasures of skiing. According to her, the ESF represents quality and know-how. If Coralie loves skiing so much, it is because of the freedom that few sports bring as well as the adrenaline combined with the beauty of the landscape. 

Big competitor at heart, Coralie has participated to a biathlon competition along with downhill biking competitions. She also enjoys kitesurfing and surfin. Lastly, she skies in Germany, Switzerland and in Austria. 

Her best memory is the one of a student which skied down the first black slope she coveted so much. Her favourite slope is the Dame Blanche.