Bernard REY
My disciplines are :
Ski instructor since 49 years and originally from the Belleville valley, the passion for the mountain and human contact have pushed Bernard to get trained and join the ESF. 
Skiing has been a part of Bernard’s life since his childhood. He started skiing at the age of 10, an activity that was a real revelation for him. He then immediately followed an instructorship training at 18 and spend his whole career with the ESF Menuires. For him, it is important that learning how to ski remains a pleasure for his students. It was evident for Bernard to join the ESF because of their values such as team work and unprecedented skills.

Outside of instructorship, Bernard worked as a bricklayer and a carpenter. Lover of manual labor, he enjoys DIYs and gardening. As for his skiing practice, he had the opportunity to ski in Switzerland and in Italy. That he loves above all is the sports atmosphere and the pleasure to share with people of all horizons. 

His best teaching memories have been to see his students’ improvements in ski and off-piste. Moreover, it is pleasant to remain in touch with some students who come back each year. 

His favorite slope is the Masse.