My disciplines are :
Snowshoes and

Originally from Belleville, Audrey trained to become a ski instructor 16 years ago. Pushed by her passion for mountains and skiing, choosing this job was the best compromise to combine pleasure with business. Her first slopes dates back to when she was two and a half years old with her father, but the passion really started when she was 13.


Born in the valley, Audrey has a significant affective link with the resort of Menuires and the 3 Vallées skiing area. Everyday, Audrey tries to share the best of her passion with her students to encourage them to come back each year and take as much pleasure in skiing as professionals do. According to her, the ESF represents several essential values like knowledge sharing, trust and mastering of the technique.

After 16 years of instructorship, Audrey can name several fond memories such as when she taught a partially-sighted person to ski or when the young children descended their first slopes fearlessly. Between two lessons, she might tell you more about it.

When she is not an instructor during the ski seasons, Audrey takes care of the green spaces of her town. Always in touch with nature, Audrey likes hikes in the mountains and she often travels. Indeed, she had the chance to ski in the Dolomites in Italy.