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General conditions

Of Sale

General terms and conditions of sale of services relating to Tuition and supervision b y Instructors at the E.S.F (Ecole du Ski Français) at Les Menuires and St Martin de Belleville of skiing and other snowsports disciplines.

ESF Les Menuires 
Immeuble Vanoise 
BP 13 
Tel : 33 (0)4 79 00 61 43
Fax : 33 (0)4 79 00 22 19

You can register for services provided by our E.S.F. instructors at Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville either via our website, by mail, by fax or by any other method of communication.

As regards online sales via our website, simply follow the online registration instructions and your order will be transmitted electronically to our E.S.F.

As regards other types of distance selling, please contact the E.S.F at. Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville Registration for E.S.F. services at Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville implies total acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

Article i : ESF Ski Instructors and Services

All of the E.S.F. instructors at Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville have undertaken state-accredited training and their teaching methods are recognised both nationally and internationally. Our services are provided for both individuals and for groups. In order for the lessons to be successful, the competence level of all of the skiers participating in them will need to be of the same standard.

Given that it would be impossible from a practical point of view for the E.S.F. instructors at Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville to assess the standard of each pupil prior to registration, the latter will be solely responsible for the technical choice that he has selected in accordance with the table provided by the E.S.F.

Accordingly, the E.S.F. at Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville retains the right to move the skier from one group to another group which is more suitable for his standard if his said standard does not reflect that previously stated by him to be correct, but, this can only occur when and if the other groups have capacity to accommodate him. In this respect, the skier in question will not be able to claim either any reimbursement or any other type of compensation as regards his statement. Learning to ski will take place in a specific but random environment.

Accordingly, the pupil will be personally liable for his own safety and also for that of any third parties. The instructor’s liability will be limited to facilitating skiing lessons. It is the responsibility of the pupil to follow the instructor’s instructions. The pupil will be solely liable for his own equipment.

Article ii : Insurance

The E.S.F. subscribes to a Professional Indemnity Policy which covers their instructors in the course of their employment against any damage which they may cause to third parties as well as covering their clients whilst they are subject to the authority of the E.S.F. and the instructors.

Warning: This insurance does not cover the following costs that ESF clients may personally incur: emergency expenses, medical expenses, breakage or theft of skis, costs of unused ski lift passes, etc. For this reason, the ESF of Les Menuires/ Saint Martin de Belleville recommends to its clients to verify that they are well covered to this effect and if this is not the case of purchasing insurance covering these risks to take advantage of their ski holidays in peace.
The client and / or the student is solely responsible for his / her equipment. The instructors cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by the said equipment or for the thefts or deterioration of the latter. The ESF Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville will not be liable for any accidents caused by any of the skiers participating in the lesson.

Article iii : Rates / Registration / payment 

  • Rates
The rates of the E.S.F. at Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville are displayed on the online sales site, (and can be viewed on esf.net as well as on the site of the E.S.F. at Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville) and are set out in the E.S.F. catalogue. The prices quoted include tuition services provided by an instructor of the E.S.F. at Les Menuires/ St Martin de Belleville but do not include any other service (insurance, ski lifts, accommodation, etc.), unless otherwise stated. Accordingly, prior to the lesson commencing, it is up to the pupil to obtain a pass in order to access the ski lifts and also to take out his own insurance which should cover him against any of the risks inherent in a sporting activity taking place in a mountain environment (public liability cover, emergency cover, etc.).

  • Provisions as to registration and as to payment
The E.S.F. at Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville will ensure the availability of its lessons once a contract has been concluded. Dates will then be booked for the provision of the services.

  • As regards online sales on our site: 
You must complete the registration procedure on this site. Further to your online payment being made, your booking will be transferred to the E.S.F. at Les Menuires/ St Martin de Belleville and the latter will immediately email you to acknowledge receipt of your order.
Payment is effected once your booking is confirmed via the online sales site of the E.S.F.
The said payment concludes the contract. Receipt thereof will be confirmed by email.
A unique way of registering and paying for our services is available: S-money (Banque Populaire Caisse d'Epargne’s electronic bank) sends your booking form and bank transfer via the internet to the E.S.F.at Les Menuires/ St Martin de Belleville : thus your payment will be certified, secure and guaranteed by the banking system. 

  • As regards other types of registration and sales: 
Registration can be effected by sending a booking form together with the amount due, either in part or in full, by means of a cheque, bank card, etc. Payment concludes the contract.

  • Retraction deadline: 
Services are booked for set dates. Consequently, the retraction deadline of 7 days for distance selling provided for in Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code is not applicable in accordance with Article L121-20-4 of the same code. In the case of sales at the booking office, no retraction deadline is applicable.

Article iv : Request for value of Medal to be reimbursed

Only valid if an ALL-INCLUSIVE option: Ski lessons + medal has been purchased. If you have purchased an ALL-INCLUSIVE option (ski lessons + medal) and you do not require the medal: it is possible to be reimbursed in the amount of the retail price in respect thereof by requesting this at the E.S.F. booking office at any time whilst the lessons are ongoing. Once the lessons have ended, no reimbursement will be possible.

Article v : Cancelation / Cancelation after the course has started / exclusion of clients

  • Cancellation of a booking where only partial payment has been made: 
A deposit constitutes partial payment which will be retained by the E.S.F. should cancellation occur.

  • Cancellation of a booking where full payment has been made: 
The packages are reserved only for fixed dates. In case of cancelation regardless of the reason, the cost of the package cancelled will not be reimbursed by ESF nor will it be exchanged for another package.
For this reason, ESF recommends to all clients to check that they are appropriately insured to this effect and if not to subscribe to a suitable cancelation insurance.  

  • Cancellation of the booking during the service: 
In the case of a client being absent at the start of a lesson, or during course of a package of lessons purchased, and regardless of the reason, the price of the package will not be reimbursed or exchanged with another package. For this reason, ESF recommends to all its clients to check that they are appropriately insured to this effect.

  • Cancellation / exclusion of the clients by the E.S.F / Cancellation / cancellation after the course has started: 
The E.S.F. at Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville retains the right to cancel lessons before they are due to begin or after they have begun particularly in the event of force majeure. Force majeure principally comprises an event involving: closure of the ski slopes or of the ski lifts, weather conditions which are dangerous as regards the groups accessing the practice areas. Exclusion The E.S.F. at Les Menuires / St Martin de Belleville retains the right at any time to exclude any client whose behaviour is such that it disrupts the proper delivery of the tuition. Should this occur, the client will not be able to claim any reimbursement.

Article vi : Resolution of disputes

The parties shall use their best endeavours to try to amicably resolve any problems which may occur during the currency of the contract. In the event that this is not possible, any disputes relating to either the validity, interpretation and/or execution of this contract will be exclusively governed by French Law. All litigation of no matter what kind and inclusive of any summary proceedings will be subject to French civil and commercial jurisdiction.

Article vii : RIGHTS TO IMAGES

The customer grants authorisation to the ESF Menuires / St Martin to photograph and / or to film during the lessons given by the ESF and followed by the client and / or during the competitions organized by the ESF in which the client participates.
The customer authorizes the ESF Menuires / St Martin to use, specifically by way of reproduction, representation, projection and adaptation, these images (photographs or videos) on its website or on the website of the service provider having made taken these images. This authorization is granted for the entire world and for a period of 5 years from the capture of said images. If the client is a minor, the client's parents grant the ESF Menuires / St Martin permission to use the images of the client, under the same conditions.